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In Quest of Music

What is In Quest of Music?

In Quest of Music is an adventure, a journey by pop Singer Alana Levandoski from Winnipeg, Canada. As she journeys through the Maritime and Gulf regions discovering the inseparable bonds between music, work and life.

Requirements for music website

When I first received this job requirement by Catherine Pete from Stage Left Communications, it was only  a simple wordpress website which can handle news posts of a music journey. She asked me to develop an customized CMS where they can handle new tour news, events as well as latest updated pictures.

I took all related information from Catherine and started my first project with her.


Website Design:

Wireframe: As usual taking the scope and information architecture (I didn’t have much data on hand) I started with wireframing. I made the structural design first. Placed content placeholders according to priority and for more readability I had to make sure every contents are balanced.

Photoshop: The design has to be simple. Light in color but yet attractive. My Intention was not to make it a heavy graphical stuff. The design that came out from photoshop was slick, light and yet attractive.

WordPress and HTML:

WordPress can be friendly but it’s a disaster if you can’t handle it. As we already know WordPress is itself is a resource hungry CMS I was very calculating while converting my PSD to HTML. We make sure the converted theme is very optimized and faster. We also used very selective plugins to keep the site to its least loading time.

It includes Mailchimp for email subscription, “Music Buy” section integrated with iTunes and Tune Core, Events, YouTube, Vimeo video segment and more.

SEO and Social Media Marketing:

After we have completed our development process, we started online marketing strategy for this new Music Journey. We had already  seen her current existence on web and according to those available data we targeted different market segment. We started with very basic SEO and registered her with more than 40+ available social media platforms around the world.

Continuous marketing campaign is taking In Quest of Music to a very impressive Search Engine placement along with creating a bigger fan base.

We are still working on this project and very confident about its success.

here is the Link to the live website: Inquest of Music

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