Mobile Web Design for technical blog

Why mobile web design for blog?

SME Developers is working on a new project for web developers community around the world called “byEvan“. This is the personal technical web blog by +Shajed Evan. This blog is a complete mobile friendly website. Mobile web design was the first challenge. But we successfully came out with a responsive, mobile web for byEvan and now it is in its beta version (coming soon page)!

Know your visitors!

Mobile website design for byEvanYes this is the first requirement we should think of! The goal of byEvan is to promote rich web development practices to web developers. Most of it’s visitors will browse the site to get good web design & development articles, tutorials and updated news. The site must ensure good readability. Visitors may browse from mobile, desktop, iPad or any other tablets available. That is why mobile web design was the first approach.

Design has to be sleek, comfortable color contrast, flexible, Easy to read and optimized for search engines!

HTML5 mobile web integration:

We had web design experiences with HTML5 boilerplate already. We tried to make it even further. We have integrated HTML5 with fall back functionality that came with Boilerplate. 1140 CSS grid system was the chosen for css framework to make the website mobile friendly. Using semantic coding standards, mobile css style, iPhone and iPad friendly website the coming soon page is already showing a better succes rate in performance.

Optimized for Social Media:

Special meta tags used to make the website ready for social shares like Facebook or Google! We can now control how social media with fetch a certain web page while sharing with others. byEvan is using special meta tags like rel=”author” or property=”og:title” to make serve desired share title, description or thumb for the branding the website really made of!

By the mid September “byEvan” will be ready for the world and we are quite confident about it’s better performance. You can visit byEvan coming soon page and stay in touch for future updates.

If you are looking for a mobile web design for our business or blog; pelase don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  2. Very nice, i suggest admin can set up a forum, so that we can talk and communicate.

  3. Kennith Sapp says:

    Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing.

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